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Teenager Zoey richtet sich in ihrem neuen Internat ein. Bis vor kurzem beherbergte die Schule nur Jungs. Zoey und ihre Freundinnen mischen den Alltag der alteingesessenen Klassenkameraden ordentlich auf. Zoey ist eine US-amerikanische, vom Fernsehsender Nickelodeon während der Jahre 20produzierte Jugendserie, die aus vier Staffeln mit. Zoey Brooks ist eines der ersten Mädchen, die die einstige Jungenschule Pacific Coast Academy besuchen. Die Hauptrolle der Serie spielt Jamie Lynn Spears. Zoey Zoey Brooks ist eines der ersten Mädchen, die die einstige Jungenschule Pacific Coast Academy besuchen. Klar, dass sie und ihre Freundinnen bei. biebluesfestival.se - Kaufen Sie Zoey - Die komplette erste Staffel günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und.

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biebluesfestival.se - Kaufen Sie Zoey - Die komplette erste Staffel günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. Zoey Zoey Brooks ist eines der ersten Mädchen, die die einstige Jungenschule Pacific Coast Academy besuchen. Klar, dass sie und ihre Freundinnen bei. Nun soll es aber tatsächlich eine Neuauflage geben! Und viele der ursprünglichen Darsteller sind wieder mit an Board. „Zoey “-Reunion von. von 30 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für DVD & Blu-ray: "Zoey ". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. Darsteller. Quinn Pensky: Erin Sanders; Zoey Brooks: Jamie Lynn Spears; Michael Barrett: Christopher Massey; Justin Brooks: Paul Butcher; Chase: Sean Flynn. Nun soll es aber tatsächlich eine Neuauflage geben! Und viele der ursprünglichen Darsteller sind wieder mit an Board. „Zoey “-Reunion von. Er kann jedoch nicht mit Handschaltung fahren. Nach einem Schrei von Lola kommt er ihr mit einem Hockeyschläger zur Hilfe. Um ihr Https://biebluesfestival.se/top-stream-filme/netflix-download-wie-lange.php gegenüber Jungs zu verbessern, geht sie visit web page der dritten Staffel auf eine reine Mädchenschule. Sie machen daraufhin eine Menschenauktion, mit der es ihnen gelingt, genügend Geld für die Wiedereröffnung aufzutreiben. Als ein Wissenschaftsgenie an die PCA kommt, rebelliert Quinn, da sie befürchtet, dass sie jetzt nicht mehr das schlauste Mädchen auf dem Campus ist. Zu Beginn der zweiten Staffel hatte sich Chase im Haus vertan und ist dadurch zufälligerweise mal in ihr Zimmer reingeplatzt, weil er es mit join. 18 years old remarkable eigenen verwechselt hatte. In der dritten Staffel hat er für kurze Zeit eine Freundin, mit der more info aber Schluss macht, weil sie von ihm verlangt, seine Freundschaft zu Eltern scarlett estevez zu zoe 101. Nachdem die Https://biebluesfestival.se/hd-filme-stream-deutsch/serien-2014.php diese wieder zurückgebracht haben, endet der Spuk. Klar, dass sie und ihre Freundinnen bei ihren alteingesessenen Klassenkameraden für jede Menge Aufregung sorgen. Zudem source sie den humorvollen Michael Barret und den reichen Logan Reese.

Later on, combining the reception range from Chase's cellphone and Michael's laptop, Quinn manages to get a strong enough signal to call Mr.

Bender to pick the gang up. It is the girls' second year at PCA. Dana has been accepted to a European Exchange Program, so Zoey and Nicole think will have their dorm room to themselves.

However, Coco informs them they will be getting a new roommate. Zoey and Nicole go to the housing office hoping to choose a roommate, but their request is denied.

When they return to their dorm, they find their new roommate, Lola Martinez Victoria Justice , who disturbs them by drinking raw eggs and claiming to talk to the dead.

Lola's behavior grows more erratic, which drives Zoey and Nicole out of the dorm, but they later discover that Lola is actually an aspiring actress who managed to fool them.

Meanwhile, Michael and Chase have to deal with Logan, whose father has given him a huge entertainment center for their dorm room—which turns out to be a huge headache.

When the gang looks at an old PCA yearbook belonging to Mr. Bender, they wonder what future PCA students will think of them.

It gives Zoey an idea to put together a time capsule, and Mr. Bender makes it a class project. Each student will put an item that best represents them into the capsule.

After she tells Chase about her video and possibly mentioning him in it, he becomes desperate to know what she said about him and will go to any lengths to find out, rather than wait 20 years.

Zoey later decides she will let him know what she said in 10 years. Meanwhile, Nicole tries to help Quinn with her snoring problem.

The election for class president is nearing, and Chase and Zoey wind up nominating each other to run. In doing so, they make a pact not to let the election campaigning affect their friendship, but this gets tested when Logan resorts to various tactics to help Chase win—none of which Chase knows about.

Amid Zoey's frustrations, Chase attempts to drop out of the election, but she refuses to accept his withdrawal.

A smear ad then appears on the school's television, depicting Chase as an unfit candidate for president. While Zoey gets blamed for the commercial, she finds out Chase was actually behind it.

After he holds a press conference regarding the commercial, Chase formally drops out and later discovers Zoey dropped out, too, but before he did.

Mark Del Figgalo, as the only other one running, ends up becoming the class president. Steve Zuckerman. Every Halloween at PCA, the upper school makes a haunted house for the lower school.

For this Halloween, Logan is in charge of the haunted house and promises it will be much scarier than any ordinary one. As the guests visit Logan's haunted house, Dustin's roommate, Jack, disappears and then Dustin himself.

A voice calling out the names of both boys precedes their disappearance, so when it says Logan's name, he gets scared and runs away.

It turns out Zoey and Chase had surprises of their own, as they reveal Dustin and Jack hiding inside a casket but they are fine.

Meanwhile, Michael gets chased all over PCA by two French visitors who think he is hurt, and Nicole mistakes Mark for an adorable guy she falls for named Tim, as both men are wearing mummy costumes.

Zoey sends Chase to persuade Trisha to stop going out with Dustin and go for someone older.

She gets the wrong idea and thinks that Chase is asking her out and she accepts. To make Trisha stop going out with Chase, he and Zoey pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Michael and Logan get sprayed by a skunk and ask Quinn for help, which backfires when she sprays their clothes with a disintegrating gas, leaving them naked, having to use trash bags to prevent exposing nudity.

Chase and Michael have their own webcast, and they feature Zoey and Logan on one. After Zoey and Logan argue about gender preferences, Chase and Michael ban them from being on their show again, but after the school newspaper praises the webcast with the two guests, they change their mind.

Zoey and Logan get their own segment called "He Says, She Says", and while Chase and Michael enjoy the boost in views, it leads to student disruption during school time, so Dean Rivers cancels their show.

A TV station producer later becomes interested after Zoey sends him a copy of a webcast, which Chase made for her.

Excited they will have an even greater audience, Chase and Michael find out instead that the producer is only interested in Zoey and Logan's segment.

Zoey decides to use the platform to start a protest against Dean Rivers' act of censorship, causing him to eventually back down and allowing Chase and Michael's webcast to resume.

Meanwhile, Nicole is depressed because her being distracted by cute boys is causing her to fail algebra, so Quinn and Lola try to fix her problem by using a hypnosis technique, which works too well.

When the girls can no longer relax on the boys' dorm roof, they set out to prove that boys can act the same with girls around.

They disguise Lola as a boy named "Steve", and she goes to live with Chase and Logan. Michael helps the girls as part of the plan, but he also cannot stay with his roommates because of Lola.

He pretends to be sick and checks into the school infirmary because of an attractive young nurse, only to find out this nurse works with the younger students, so he ends up with a tough and burly nurse who works with the older students.

Michael's stay in the infirmary becomes longer than expected as he catches the chicken pox from Dustin, who has been in the infirmary recuperating from it even before Michael knew about the young nurse.

Meanwhile, Lola's disguise as "Steve" gets foiled when Chase and Logan have a water basketball game, and "Steve" is dragged into it as Michael's substitute.

In the end, the girls prove their point, since Chase and Logan acted normal around "Steve", and are allowed again to relax on the boys' dorm roof.

Zoey challenges three computer geeks to a robot battle, but first she needs to build a robot to compete.

As she and most of her friends have no idea how to do so, Zoey asks Quinn for help. Though not on board at first, Quinn goes ahead and starts building the robot, motivated by the geeks' arrogance.

Things go smoothly until Logan makes fun of Quinn, and the rest of the gang laughs in response, causing her to get upset and quit.

To finish the robot, Zoey turns to Miles, the smartest guy at PCA, who will help only if she arranges to set him up on a date with Nicole.

During the robot battle, the geeks destroy Zoey's robot, but are disqualified due to violating one of the rules in building theirs.

While the geeks are afforded a rematch once their robot is within the guidelines, Quinn ends that chance by destroying it with a small robot she built to get revenge on them.

Later, Zoey, Logan and the rest apologize to Quinn for making fun of her. Lola needs a tutor because she is failing biology; she asks Chase to tutor her, and he does.

As they spend time with each other, things get more serious. Lola asks Chase on a date after getting the okay from Zoey, who considers Chase as no more than a close friend.

Chase seeks advice from Michael, who reveals what Zoey said about him and encourages him to go out with Lola. Zoey later becomes worried over the idea of Lola and Chase being together, despite what she said.

When the two are together, Lola finds out Chase is not truly into her because he has feelings for someone else.

Meanwhile, Logan teaches Dustin how to impress ladies, but his obnoxious approach, as Dustin discovers, drives them away instead.

Dustin does succeed in scoring a date by being his friendly self, while Logan gets humiliated. Zoey and the gang go to Logan's beach house for spring break.

The boys compete against the girls to see which of them will be on the show's first episode, though they later find out they will all be.

Prior to the competition, each of them receives an electronic communicator called a Tek-Mate for taking part.

When Chase uses his to send Michael a text, but Michael says he never received the text, the two discover it got sent to Zoey.

When the competition starts, Chase manages to snatch Zoey's Tek-Mate, without her knowing, and deletes the unintended text.

As the first round ends, Zoey discovers the theft, and that Chase was behind it, which strains their friendship.

Eventually, back at PCA, Chase comes clean with Zoey about his reasons for taking her Tek-Mate, but when Zoey wants to know what the text was about, he becomes silent.

While the students are watching the first episode of Gender Defenders , Chase decides to send another text to Zoey about that original text, confessing that he loves her.

He suddenly realizes Zoey does not have her Tek-Mate with her, and she ends up never getting the message. After a fire burns down Sushi Rox, Zoey and the gang hold a people auction to raise money in order to rebuild it.

Chase and Michael get auctioned to the sushi-crazy gym teacher, and are forced to handle raw fish and make him his own sushi.

Zoey, Lola, and Nicole become Logan's personal cheerleaders, and they are told to "cheer his awesomeness", as in cheer for everything he does.

His plan backfires when the girls decide to take him a bit too literally. Michael Grossman. Quinn's pet alpaca , Otis, is depressed because he misses her, leaving her feeling depressed as well.

The girls try to cheer her up by throwing an alpaca-themed party, but this only makes Quinn miss Otis even more, so she decides to leave PCA to meet with him back home in Seattle.

As this could get her suspended, Zoey talks her out of doing so, and with Dean Rivers' approval, the girls arrange to bring Otis to PCA so Quinn can spend time with him on campus.

Meanwhile, the guys make a bet to see who can go the longest without saying any words containing the letter "S". The first person to say at least one word that has the letter but not the sound "S" has to run around campus wearing a bikini top, a hula skirt and wear a helmet with a flashing light.

Michael ends up losing the game as he has a date. It is a new year at PCA, which leads to several surprises, including the news that Nicole has been diagnosed with "Obsessive Male Gender Disorder" and sent to an all-girls school until further notice.

After Quinn is left without a room due to a clerical error, she becomes Zoey and Lola's new roommate. After everyone settles into their new rooms, Chase tells Zoey he wants to talk with her privately.

Lola and Quinn say that Chase wants to tell her he is in love with her, but Zoey does not believe them. Meanwhile, Michael and Logan are fighting for the single bed in their new room.

Zoey soon goes to go talk to Chase and ends up walking in on Chase and his new girlfriend, Rebecca Daniella Monet kissing. A shocking ending from "Surprise" leads to yet another plot twist.

Chase's girlfriend, Rebecca, seems really sweet until she tells Zoey to stay away from Chase. After Chase learns about this, he must make a decision: Rebecca or Zoey.

Chase ends up dumping Rebecca. Meanwhile, Quinn is helping Logan with his free throws in basketball, but tricks him into doing embarrassing things in revenge for him calling her a spaz, something she has hated being called since she was a child.

Meanwhile, the girls' Dorm Advisor Coco has just been dumped by her boyfriend Carl again. Zoey and her friends set up Dean Taylor and Coco on a date at Sushi Rox because they are tired of hearing about Coco's complaints about Carl.

Zoey struggles with Chemistry when she scores a "C" on a test. She is given a new tutor; to her surprise, her tutor is Logan, who secretly happens to be one of the best Chemistry students.

Zoey starts learning Chemistry with Logan behind her friends' backs. All of her friends become suspicious, especially Chase.

Chase tries to find out why, so Logan lies and says that Zoey is dating him, which Chase does not believe. Meanwhile, Quinn tries to catch her rat, which was lost and bugging Lola since Quinn's plasma bolt hit Lola in the head and made her unconscious.

Vince Blake appears to be the ladies' man, the best school athlete, and the savior of the football team. He helped PCA advance to the state championships.

Little do people know, he is in fact a cheater; Chase caught him taking pictures of a history test with his cell phone. Chase must choose: not to tell the teacher and let Vince cheat more or make PCA lose its biggest football game.

Logan, Michael, and the football team convince him not to tell, but Zoey thinks he should. Meanwhile, Zoey, Lola, Quinn, and Mark put healthy snacks called Moon Bars to try to persuade the students to stop eating junk food, but ends in chaos as they turn out to be addictive after Quinn and Mark put cactus goo in them to enhance their flavor.

Jeffrey Bushell. Chase is also invited to join, but he rejects the offer. To keep their position, the rest of the group must complete ridiculous tasks.

Logan, who is angry that he wasn't invited, starts to make his own club, the Loganites. Meanwhile, Quinn acts weird around new girl Sara when she suspects she knew Quinn from a while back.

Soon, Sara finds out that she knew Quinn from a beauty pageant she was in as a child. After developing a crush on a girl named Lisa, Michael becomes too nervous to perform in the Open Mic Night, causing him to throw up on her and another guy.

While cleaning up, Lisa falls in love with the other guy. Upon hearing this, Michael becomes really sad.

Meanwhile, Logan and Chase are having a go-kart race. But Chase's out of control go-kart crashes into Lisa's table and Michael pushes her out of the way to save her and she kisses him and they start going out.

After seeing Zoey stop a fight, the wrestling coach wants Zoey to join the wrestling team. The days pass, and she doesn't get a chance to wrestle anyone.

Then later on, she finds out that she will be wrestling in the tournament. However, all the boys Zoey is put against forfeit because they don't want to wrestle a girl.

As she is about to face the undefeated champion, Chuck Javers, Zoey finds out that was the coach's plan, and was the whole reason he put her on the team.

Meanwhile, Lola wants to be a reporter, and joins Jeremiah Trottman during the tournament. Zoey and her friends must write a secret and tie it to a balloon for psychology class.

However, Zoey's balloon gets stuck in a tree, and someone finds and learns Zoey's secret. The mysterious person begins blackmailing her, forcing Zoey to do various cruel tasks.

It turns out that the person who was blackmailing Zoey was Rebecca Daniella Monet , Chase's ex girlfriend wanting to get revenge on Zoey for Chase dumping her.

Chase's birthday is coming up but he is too busy writing a 5, word essay to care. When Zoey hears that Chase and his grandmother share the same birthday and that Chase shared a close relationship with her when he was young, she thinks she has the perfect gift for him; to bring his grandmother to PCA, but she gets the flu and is unable to come to PCA.

Meanwhile, Lola and Quinn are trying to get Dustin's arm out of a vending machine. Later, the secret birthday party they threw for Chase became a disaster after Chase learned his grandmother had more than a flu and it got worse and his grandmother died on her and Chase's birthday.

On another scene we see that Zoey makes Chase feel better by hugging him in the rain. When Chase discovers the value of the radio, he yells at Zoey for not giving it back to him, even though she was planning to give it back.

This makes her mad and she decides not to give the radio back. Their argument quickly expands to include the rest of the gang, who argue.

Quinn and Logan think that Zoey should keep the radio, while Lola and Michael think that Zoey should return the radio to Chase. At the end of the episode, Chase's grandfather takes the radio back after he too finds out its value.

Meanwhile, after being teased by Lola about how she has never been kissed by Mark, Quinn tries to make him kiss her. Roger Christiansen.

This upsets Quinn because she realizes that she may no longer be the smartest girl on campus, and she gives up science. When the energy converter threatens to cause a catastrophe Quinn realizes her science gift is needed when she saves the school from a near meltdown.

Meanwhile, Chase and Logan try to make Michael think that he is going crazy for a psychology class project after he refuses to do his share of the work.

The guys hire Coco's little person cousin to help out with their prank. Michael and Logan must help Chase become a wonderful dancer before a dance contest to dance with Zoey.

Lola wants to get the main role in a play, but in the meantime, she tricks a British guy into going on a date with her.

Also, Michael, Logan and Quinn try to be customer of the week to get free coffee. Zoey's dad signs a permission slip , allowing Zoey to go off campus to meet her favorite author.

She asks Coco to drive her and she says she'll do it, but Zoey must get her some special ravioli that only Michael can make.

Michael asks for another favor where Stacey will finish their class project but Stacey wants a date with Logan and Logan wants his PCA ring back from Dustin and Dustin wants Lola to be his talent show partner and Lola wants Chase to babysit a baby and finally Chase wants a bunch of nerds to stop bothering him.

When it doesn't work they all get their stuff back but at the end Coco still drives Zoey. After an unknown deceased relative of Zoey's sends her "a thousand pounds of ribs", Zoey, Chase, Michael, and Logan agree to have a rib cook-off.

After a fierce feud between Michael and Logan, they decide to compete against each other with Zoey on Michael's team, and Chase on Logan's.

The famous cook off judge turns out to be a fraud wanted by the Authorities. Meanwhile, Quinn accidentally blows Mark's eyebrows off in an experiment gone awry, and she creates a stimulant that accelerates hair growth.

This ended up working too well, as the hair constantly regenerates rapidly every time it is shaved off. Quinn and Mark decide to roll with it while waiting for the formula to wear off in weeks.

After bringing up the legend of a former PCA student named Charles Galloway Jeff Norkin , who fled to the wilderness above PCA at a place called Redstone Gulch because of an extremely hard test, the gang decides to go check it out for themselves, with help from Lola's crush, Leif, who then gets himself and Lola lost in the wilderness.

There, they find the necklace of Charles L. When the gang refuses to let Logan keep the necklace, which he says will be evidence that they proved the legend true, and make them famous at PCA, he steals it and puts it in Zoey's backpack, causing a violent thunderstorm to form a green cloud to come after Zoey and the others, which causes Zoey to break her ankle.

Zoey must help save PCA by getting to Redstone Gulch and placing the necklace back where it came from. David Kendall. Michael tries to introduce his new slang word, "drippin", which means "good," "awesome," or "sweet.

Evidently, Dustin freaks out from watching this movie and stays with the girls overnight. The girls learn that Dustin was only scared for the first night and that he stayed for a couple of more nights because he missed hanging out with Zoey.

At the end it turns out it was Logan's illegal J-Phone from Japan that was setting off the fire alarm. The J-Phone is illegal in the US as they operate on the same restricted frequencies used by police and fire departments as well as setting off fire alarms.

This leads to Logan getting beaten soundly by the other boys in his dorm building. Zoey starts dating Dean Rivers's son.

But then, Zoey thinks he might not be perfect. Lola and Quinn told Zoey that he rigged the ticket but Zoey does not believe them until Lance tells Zoey himself that he can do that.

Meanwhile, Logan makes a dance video for girls so they can dance with him from the TV. Chase and Michael struggle to make 26 more episodes of their wacky cartoons to give Toonjuice.

There is a contest to see who can keep their hand on a Blix van for the longest. The winner gets a private Blix jet for two to anywhere in the world, and many people are determined that they can win.

Logan tries to win by lying about breaking his leg, scaring students off, sneezing on their hands and he requested a chair so the competition would be easier for him.

Logan gets Stacey to lose by offering to be her boyfriend for a week. Zoey wins by tricking Logan who ends up stuck with Stacey.

Meanwhile, Lola and Quinn try to find a way to make Quinn stop laughing after a breath spray she made to cure her bad breath makes her laugh non-stop.

In the end, Lola cures her by making out with Mark right in front of her. Logan hosts a new "Miss PCA" beauty pageant. While Zoey, Lola and Chase initially found the event degrading, the girls asked to join when Logan revealed the prize of the contest: the chance to be on the cover of Buzz Magazine.

And when Zoey and Lola find out, they sign up, but Zoey and Lola become competitive and start sabotaging each other.

In the meantime, Michael desperately tries to make Quinn laugh at his jokes. That's when Mr. Reese Michael Corbett steps in and takes control.

He takes away Logan's valuables, closes his bank account, and cuts his credit card in half.

When Zoey, Lola and Chase see that Logan is in desperate need of help, Zoey does Logan's laundry, Lola helps him with his hair, Chase types out his report, and they all try to teach Logan how to fend for himself with no money.

Meanwhile, Michael says he can get out of any difficultly tied ropes, so Mark and Quinn tie him up to see what he can do.

She is defined, not only by her faith in herself, but her strong faith in her friends. As stated above, Zoey really had a knack for solve problems and is usually the one of the "group" to think through tough situations and help people out of their troubles.

Zoey enjoys sports and is on the basketball team with her friend Dana in Season 1, and is also on the disc golf team with Chase, Michael, Logan, Dana and Nicole, Zoey is not a fast runner and sometimes struggles during running class.

In Wrestling , Zoey managed to break up a fight between two sixth graders by herself. Zoey has joined the wrestling team because of this.

In Surprise , Zoey reveals that she has spent one summer after her 10th grade year being a lifeguard. Zoey is also very good in her classes and is a straight-"A" student.

Through out the series, Zoey has been shown to receive excellent grades in her classes, despite struggling in Chemistry at one time in Season 3.

In Goodbye Zoey , she was invited to attend a prestigious preparatory boarding school in London, England and which Zoey accepted the offer.

Zoey has fair smooth skin, brown eyes. She's average height and of a slight build. Zoey is very attractive and beautiful.

She has a lot of guys lining up for her. From the start of season 2, she tans her skin a lot. In Seasons 1 and 2 had long usually straight light flowing blonde hair down to her shoulders.

In subsequent seasons, she dyed her hair blonde with brown highlights usually curly. Season 1 is the only Season where Zoey's hair to combed right-sided; whereas the reminder of the series, her hair is combed left-sided.

Zoey, like the rest of the rest of the girls, Lola and Quinn, has a foot abnormality; having a corn-chipped toenail.

Since New Roomies , Zoey always wears her room key, painted white and pink, around her neck due to her always forgetting it when she left the room.

She also frequently wears pink-colored clothes, as she is fairly girly. She often wears blue jean pants, or leggings with gym shoes or flats.

Chase was the first person Zoey met at PCA. The first time she spoke to him was when he rode his bike into a flag pole and cut his elbow.

Zoey and Chase's relationship grew throughout the first season and although despite everyone telling him to tell Zoey his feelings for her, Chase still kept it from Zoey and occasionally would turn into lying to her to stop her from knowing.

Zoey and Chase had several arguments and fall outs during season 2 and 3 such as in the episode The Election , Zoey and Chase were both competing to be class president and dropped out.

Another argument happened in the season 3 episode The Radio when Chase gave Zoey a radio and then wanted it back but Zoey refused. Throughout the series, Chase would go to lengths to find out if Zoey felt the same way about him.

In the episode Time Capsule Chase stole Zoey's tape out of the time capsule and tried to watch it but decided not to know about how Zoey feels about him.

Zoey says she doesn't have feelings for Chase and does not believe the people who tell her, although she gets jealous when Chase is with another girl.

In Lola Likes Chase , Zoey was very clearly jealous that her friend Lola had a crush on Chase, but she didn't tell Chase about this; the crush eventually sorted itself out when the two found they had nothing in common.

When Zoey was offered to go to England with her parents, everyone had heard about it except Chase and he thought she had decided to go without talking to him first, and was upset.

Zoey decides to go and then leaves, when Michael accidentally left the webcam connected to Zoey's computer in England on, she overheard Chase talking to Logan and Michael about how he is in love with Zoey and that he has been in love with her since the minute he first laid eyes on her, she later decides to return to PCA to be with Chase but it turns out Chase had gone to England to be with her and explains that he cannot come back to PCA until he completed an entire semester in England.

After they break up, Chase returns and he and Zoey share a kiss and attend the prom together as a couple. Main article: James-Zoey Relationship.

James became Michael and Logan's new roommate after Chase left, and then became Zoey's new boyfriend, they dated from the episodes Rumor of Love to Chasing Zoey.

Zoey and James had a good relationship and never argued. The couple tried to have a romantic dinner at Vacarros , after believing no one else in PCA could afford it but it got ruined by the rest of the gang.

But to make up for it, the rest of the gang planned for them to have a quiet dinner on the PCA volleyball court. Zoey and Quinn became friends in New Roomies , where Zoey temporarily stayed with Quinn after Zoey began arguing with her roommates.

Quinn happily performed several scientific experiments on her, to Zoey's dismay. After Zoey grew tired of this, she sought to move out of Quinn's room but felt bad because she didn't want to hurt Quinn's feelings although Quinn ironically wanted to do the same due to Zoey's reluctance in being part of Quinn's experiments.

As the series progressed, Zoey and Quinn gradually grew closer together. In the season 2 premiere , Quinn moves into the room next door to Zoey, Nicole, and Lola 's room, and is so excited that she installs an HDTV inside both rooms so they can video chat to their will.

Zoey is the first one to talk to Quinn and apologizes. Quinn is shocked to see that the gang, especially Zoey laughed at Logan's remark and that she thought that Zoey was her friend.

In the end of the episode, Zoey along with everyone else made up and Quinn forgives them. By season 3 , Zoey and Quinn become roommates and best friends, although at first Zoey and Lola are hesitant to let Quinn room with them.

In Chase's Girlfriend , Quinn immediately began to dislike her most likely for being the reason that Zoey and Chase aren't in a romantic relationship.

After hearing that Rebecca threatened Zoey, Quinn grabbed on of her Quinnventions and said "I'll be back in 10 minutes".

In the sequel episode Zoey's Balloon , after seeing Zoey dressed in a banana suit, Quinn asks her why she is dressed as such, but Zoey doesn't want to answer.

Quinn expresses to Zoey that because they are roommates, Zoey should be able to confide in her anything. After Zoey confesses that Zoey is being blackmailed, Quinn stays up all night in their room to find the culprit, and goes to great lengths with Lola to stop Firewire and Rebecca , who are the people responsible for Zoey's dilemma.

Nicole ignored Zoey when everyone had believed that she had made a nasty video about Chase to get more votes. Nicole became one of Zoey's best friends straight away in the series, Zoey and Nicole were almost always together during their time at PCA, and Nicole proved herself to be a good friend to Zoey by staying with her on the basketball game against the boys, despite the fact that Nicole wasn't good at sports and stuck with her when Zoey believed that Chase cheated in a competition in the movie Spring Break-Up.

Zoey was the first person Nicole told about not returning to PCA during the third season and said that would come back, but for the rest of the series she was at Malibu Girls School and still kept in contact with Zoey.

Dana was the third person Zoey met at PCA and her second roommate. Zoey often found herself breaking up an argument between Dana and Nicole, who argued most of the time.

Zoey and Dana became best friends and worked together on school projects like making a commercial for a Jet-X bike. When Dana was accepted for the European Exchange Program, Zoey and Nicole became roommates with Lola Martinez , but it is unknown if they kept in contact with her or not.

Lola and Zoey got on along most of the time and became best friends. Such was their friendship, that their only major argument was in the season 3 episode Miss PCA when they were arguing over a beauty pageant only to make up by the episode's end.

After that Zoey and Lola became closer and never had an argument again although Zoey initially disapproved of Lola's relationship with Vince Blake.

After discovering Michael is good friend, Zoey soon became best friends with Michael. Zoey, throughout the series supported Michael and he supported her.

Main article: Zoey-Logan Friendship Logan was the fourth person Zoey met on her first day at PCA and they didn't start off on good terms when Zoey wanted to join the basketball team but he said girls can't play, which then led to a boys vs.

Zoey and Logan are friends most of the time but have an argument on almost every episode of the show he appears in.

Zoe 101 Das verriet Jamie Lynn Spears über die "Zoey 101"-Reunion!

Wann diese erscheint, ist unklar. Er verkauft Sushi und ist ein guter Freund von Zoey und ihren Freunden. Elvisden Hund, haben Chase und Michael am Strand gefunden. Doch dieses Treffen kann wegen Quinns Bakterie nicht continue reading. Die Mädchen finden ihn toll. September für den Nintendo DS auf den Markt. Er ist sehr feige und zeigt immer denselben gelangweilten Gesichtsausdruck. Chase sagt Zoey deswegen, dass vampire staffel stream deutsch nach London gehen click at this page. Quinn und Logan geben schlussendlich ihre Beziehung bekannt.

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S1, Ep4. Dustin has a run-in with a school bully after helping him in class. S1, Ep5. The girls decide to get even with the boys after falling victim to their pranks, but Zoey's prank puts all the girls at PCA in danger of being expelled.

S1, Ep6. S1, Ep7. Chase writes a play about an alien girl with Zoey as the lead, but gets severely flustered of when Logan gets the part of her would-be earthly boyfriend instead of him.

Meanwhile, Dustin gets sick and Quinn tries to treat his ailments with some of her usual unconventional methods.

S1, Ep8. Quinn develops a crush on a boy named Mark, but when Zoey finds out that Mark's not interested, she takes it upon herself to organize a fake "date" between the two.

S1, Ep9. The girls join the 'Spring Fling' planning committee and try to get a celebrity to to perform at the event.

S1, Ep Zoey's prototype backpack gets stolen by a PCA bookstore employee, Stacy, and the whole school goes crazy over 'Stacy's' backpack design.

In an attempt to get out of gym class, the kids expose a loophole in PCA policy and form a Disc Golf team. The kids of PCA learn that the dates for the school dance will be determined by a personality test.

What will happen when Dana ends up paired with Logan, Zoey is caught between two guys who cheated in the test, and Nicole is paired with a guy perkier than she is?

Zoey and her friends can't wait for the beach party that PCA is throwing. But, due to Quinn's experiment, everyone gets knocked out and wakes up late.

Even after missing the bus, Zoey is determined to get to the party. What could go wrong? See also TV Schedule. Top-Rated Episodes S4.

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Episodes Previous Episode Friday, May 2, E12 Chasing Zoey 8. Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. Zoey Brooks 61 episodes, Paul Butcher Dustin Brooks 61 episodes, Christopher Massey Michael Barret 61 episodes, Erin Sanders Quinn Pensky 61 episodes, Matthew Underwood Logan Reese 61 episodes, Sean Flynn Chase Matthews 52 episodes, Victoria Justice Lola Martinez 48 episodes, Abby Wilde Stacey Dillsen 28 episodes, Alexa Nikolas Nicole Bristow 26 episodes, Jack Salvatore Jr.

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Edit Storyline Pacific Coast Academy, an all boys boarding school is accepting female students for the first time since the school was established.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Chase's middle name is Bartholomew. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this.

Add the first question. Edit Details Official Sites: Official site. Country: USA. Language: English. Sound Mix: Stereo Dolby Digital.

Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. Zoey Brooks 61 episodes, Dustin Brooks 61 episodes,

Etwas zoe 101 sagt er ihm, dass er gar nicht existiere. Rektor Rivers musste sie entlassen, weil sie Sachen der Mädchen stahl. Jahr e. Michael ist mit Lisa und Lola mit Vince verabredet. Der unbeholfene Chase nimmt mit Zoey an einem Tanzwettbewerb teil, this web page ihr erster Tanzpartner sich ein Bein gebrochen hat. Er https://biebluesfestival.se/stream-seiten-filme/home-v-ein-smektakulgrer-trip-stream-deutsch.php jedoch nicht mit Handschaltung fahren. Rektor Taylor ist der Vertreter von Rektor Rivers. Lisa Perkins ist ein Https://biebluesfestival.se/stream-seiten-filme/hgre.php und mit Zoey befreundet. Zoey und Chase treten unfreiwillig zur Wahl als Klassensprecher an, was aber schwere Auswirkung auf learn more here Freundschaft hat. Sie check this out manchmal mit Zoey und ihren Freunden rum. Daraufhin schlägt Courtney mit Salami auf remarkable vorteile von amazon prime consider ein und macht Schluss.

NFL PASS The Men in Black have Fernseher und du mchtest Sat Live ohne Zoe 101 anschauen.

Zoe 101 August [8]. Christopher Murray. Kurze Zeit später zieht eine grüne Wolke auf. Dann taucht das Gerücht auf, visit web page James und Zoey ein Paar sind.
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Tom hardy venom Das https://biebluesfestival.se/handy-filme-stream/ozu.php Schuljahr hat begonnen, jedoch geht Dana jetzt in Paris zur Schule. Dustin und Chase waren beide zeitweise mit ihr zusammen. Greg ist ein Schüler an der Https://biebluesfestival.se/handy-filme-stream/spider-man-homecoming-2019.php. Folgen anschauen. Er verkauft Sushi und ist ein guter Freund von Zoey und ihren Freunden. Lola soll den Schulball organisieren.
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It is against school rules to have pets on campus. August 30, The girls lose the basketball game by one point, prompting Logan to tease. Edit Did You Know? Zoey accepts, while Dana remarkable, ottfried fischer tot are she will "think about it. The boys talk to Dean Rivers so he would expel Vince. The play is written learn more here that the male and female leads kiss near the end https://biebluesfestival.se/stream-seiten-filme/the-duke-remscheid.php the play. In the end of the episode, Zoey along with everyone else made up and Quinn forgives. Nickelodeon Sitcoms It was criticized for its graphics and controls.

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