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von mehr als Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "ps4 maus". von mehr als Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "ps4 maus und tastatur". Nicht alle Eingabegeräte sind mit der PS4 kompatibel. Auch viele Apps wurden nicht für die Nutzung von Tastatur und Maus an der Konsole. Warum also solltest du den Controller der PS4 durch Tastatur und Maus ersetzen​? Ganz einfach: Die Steuerung per Gaming-Tastatur und ‑Maus funktioniert. Willst du eine Maus und Tastatur für die PS4 kaufen, gibt es dabei ein paar Dinge​, die zu beachten sind. Wir verraten dir, welches Zubehör sich.

ps4 maus

Willst du eine Maus und Tastatur für die PS4 kaufen, gibt es dabei ein paar Dinge​, die zu beachten sind. Wir verraten dir, welches Zubehör sich. Nicht alle Eingabegeräte sind mit der PS4 kompatibel. Auch viele Apps wurden nicht für die Nutzung von Tastatur und Maus an der Konsole. Warum also solltest du den Controller der PS4 durch Tastatur und Maus ersetzen​? Ganz einfach: Die Steuerung per Gaming-Tastatur und ‑Maus funktioniert.

Ps4 Maus - PS4 mit Maus & Tastatur: Das sind die Vorteile

Cheats zu PlayStation 4 50 Themen Der Vorteil eines Konverters ist klar: Ihr könnt quasi jede handelsübliche Tastatur und Maus verwenden, auch wenn es vom Spiel selbst gar nicht vorgesehen ist. Auch hier haben wir die wichtigsten Informationen zu den Gaming-Tastaturen bereits für dich zusammengefasst. Beschreibung anzeigen. Beide Produkte könnt ihr per App nach euren Wünschen anpassen, indem ihr zum Beispiel die Tasten neu belegt. Man muss es also auf einen Versuch ankommen lassen. Und damit sind dann auch schon in der Grauzone angekommen, denn so ganz koscher ist das natürlich nicht.

Yeah I would always laugh my ass off when kids would say they were better then me with controller. Give them my gamertag go home.

Load up and xim3. Tell him how much easier it would be on PC without the stupid look-speed limitations. What about using Skype and other voice communication applications to circumvent the shitty in-game audio system?

This gives a big team advantage when playing with friends! Exactly like a mic. Exactly like HDMI when a significant number didn't have it.

Exactly like headphones. No that's a little too far of a comparison. I'd go with its cheating the same way as a modded controller is cheating.

Same idea, buy a 3rd party device that makes aiming easier and more precise. HDMI and microphones provide no benefit to aim and movement control.

Headphones shouldn't even be discussed since Sony has several great headphones marketed towards gaming and specifically the PS4.

It's a preference on PC, it's against the rules and gives you an unfair advantage on console. Unlike Headphones, HDMI and a microphone which all either come with the console or can be bought cheap from a shop.

And a microphone can be considered cheating too. Call of Duty prevented you from joining certain objective based game modes if you were in a party on because they didn't want you telling your friends where the enemy were after you had died.

No it's not. People in this thread are just not making any sense. It's not cheating, against the rules or anything like that.

This is where these things get a little hazy. If I use a monitor with extremely low input delay am I cheating?

TV's with game mode to reduce delay is that cheating? Joining PvP matches with a group with voice chat and coordinating against a pug team..

These current fps's are slow enough where a mouse user really has no advantage against a capable controller user. Hell, I've seen controller users that would stomp your average mouse user into the ground.

If we were talking an arena style shooter your point would have slightly more validity. But in these games it really makes no difference.

I think buying third party hardware that can allow you to use things like rabid fire cannot be compared to buying a better TV to play on.

But I disagree about current FPS games being too slow. Destiny might be slow but Call of Duty, Battlefield and Titanfall are still fast paced games where a mouse could put you above lots of other players.

I am also sure a lot of people would consider being put into a PUG team against a group of friends who are communicating and working together to be unfair as well and bad match making.

I understand the gameplay isn't a snails pace. It's really a world of difference in speed. Input delay is honestly a massive factor.

Whether you realize it or not I didn't at first your aim will suffer greatly with a high input delay. Even back in when I would switch between vsync on and off at hz my aim would show a drastic drop even though I had no idea why, and didn't for a long time.

Even differences as small as frames of latency will have a negative impact. At least they did with me.

Which is why I have a benq with literally no input delay between frames now, and why I use it for pc gaming as well as ps4.

It's really just hard for me to see the utter unfairness in games where aim assist is so heavy handed and I see people on streams that could easily be mistaken for a mouse user.

Sorry, do televisions and headsets not count as third party? Your definition of cheating is far too unforgiving. You are fear mongering.

Your arguments can be used for any accessory for any use. What, is surround sound cheating as well?

What about glasses? ADHD medication? Because right now you are very arbitrary, arguing more towards what pisses someone off than with any objectivity at all.

I feel like using a keyboard and mouse in a game that has aim assist already would give way more of an advantage than anything else.

Can you please stop naming things like sight and sound as cheating? I know it's so tempting to make me look so foolish but it's a huge leap to jump from my opinion that keyboards and mouse on console is cheating to using better TVs and better audio..

These same devices that allow Keyboard and Mouse also allow Rapid fire and macros.. Which would make just about any fighting game impossible to loss.

Is that not cheating? If you could buy a device that allowed you to aimbot or wallhack, is that an accessory in your eyes and no longer cheating?

I do well with a controller, usually in the top three, not uncommon to be first in most of my matches.. I am better with a mouse.

It would be an unfair advantage and I bet a lot of people would rather just quit than play against that. I know from experience that the keyboard and mouse is far better than a controller and I would rather we are allowed to keep using controllers rather than feel we need to get these KBM converters just to compete.

I'm not. I'm naming better sight and better sound as cheating. Just as, to you, better aim control is cheating. It is devil's advocate. I am using you against you.

Using your justifications that support your arguments against you. If you can't differentiate their significances then you have no ground.

I don't know if I'm looking too far into this but I hope you aren't insinuating intention. Anyway, I don't know what a macro is but rapid fire is a vague subject to bring up.

How rapid is this fire? Is it beyond the limits of the base game? If not and say the user had horrible arthritis, I would argue not.

I don't however think paddles or the like used for compensation of poor, un-configurable, or uncomfortable controller design are cheating.

So take that as you will. It is different in every situation. An aimbot is not cheating if you are, say, gathering data for a test that has no victims.

If there was a bug in a game that made it crash after 10, shots were fired, well, you would already know of at least one way to test that.

But for most intents and purposes it would be cheating. The solely deceitful and harmful advantages of a KBM setup are far too insubstantial to be considered any where near cheating.

But everything is subjective I guess. Well some people think oscillating fans remove oxygen from the air so I don't know what to tell you if they consider you to be a cheat.

If you are already better than your competitors and you give yourself a marginal improvement Let's be honest. You can't do much with 30hz and ms input delay to begin with , then tough for them.

Same as if you wanted to be of the few people who can hear footsteps or have a few pairs of eyes on your character.

If you are wanting to level the playing field your thoughts are better placed on identical television and internet latency than simply having more geometric area to move your reticle.

And even as you have just stated, it is more to do with you as the player than with your machinery. An aimbotter is useless if he does not know his way around a controller.

A macro is a combination of commands. For example, on a fighting game like Mortal Kombat, you could have entire combos mapped to one key.

For Destiny, you could have aim down the sights and shooting mapped to the same button to where you never need to press another button to ADS.

The rapid fire allows you to hold down the button for automatic fire on weapons that do not have automatic fire. For example, if you know the delay allowed between consecutive fires such as a.

This in turn creates an advantage in which people using these devices only have to worry about aiming, which is significantly more precise and quicker on a mouse than a controller, but they also use the aim assist, thus creating a much larger advantage over ordinary controller users.

They will aim quicker and more precise, while also shooting the weapons as quickly as possible as consistent as possible.

The only thing they'll need to focus on is aiming. I'd argue that this definitely goes past the line of cheating rather than the slight advantage of a better tv or headphones because it removes most of the skill from it.

Now, I consider keyboard and mouse use cheating because even without those extra features, a keyboard and mouse are simply superior to a controller for FPSs.

That's undeniable. A terrible FPS player can absolutely obliterate controller users. The problem is that you're using a keyboard and mouse computer peripherals and you're paying for the hardware to allow you to do this to compete with players on a platform that is strictly controller based.

I consider that cheating. If you want to use a keyboard and mouse to play a shooter competitively, do it on a platform in which other users are using keyboards and mice.

It's like putting a college track and field runner up against an Olympian. There's a chance the college athlete will be able to compete with the Olympian, but it's highly unlikely.

A better tv or headphones is like a division 3 runner against a division 1 runner. There's a better chance that they can compete on the same level.

Stop being such a try hard. The xim is not a licensed Sony product and therefore is against Sony's ToS. Everyone can agree a mouse and keyboard is an advantage over a user with a controller, end of story.

There's nothing prohibiting unlicensed peripherals in Sony's ToS. That is PlayStation. I would argue that better sight and sound have a minimal impact on the performance while this superior controlling method could drastically change how a player can perform.

I don't agree with the idea of everyone having to go out and buy these things if they find they can no longer compete. You would need to have never touched a controller in your life for a aimbot to be useless to you.

You need two buttons. L2 and R2. There is no contest. You can talk to your teammates and still be bad, you can't use a keyboard and mouse vs others using a controller and do bad without intentionally failing.

But anyone who has ever done well in any shooter game will tell you there is a lot more to it than JUST being able to aim.

So it does give an advantage for sure. I just don't think it's enough of an advantage to role over someone more skilled with a particular game.

Granted, I know I'm better at those games than my friends are. But I'm sure I'll still be downvoted for claiming that FPSs require a little more to be good at, than just aiming.

Not all baseball players use steroids, but they can compete with the ones that do Having played nearly every FPS available since then, some for extreme length of time I spent a couple of years playing TFC almost exclusively on a computer using keyboard and mouse.

I hate everything about controllers with a passion. I never used the controller. I bought it specifically for Destiny, never played another game on it, and planned to use the XIM4 before I even bought the system.

Not only is keyboard and mouse suported by the ps4 but i've yet to see any rule aginst keyboard and mouse in casual gaming. When you put it that way, using a wheel in a racing game would be cheating as well, as it gives a very clear and distinct advantage over using a controller.

I agree, and I'm a freakin competitive fps player. I've played on both PCs and consoles, and yes it's more accurate on PCs, but I've always had more fun on consoles because it's more of a challenge, rather than just point-and-click.

If people need a handicap, give it to them. I embrace the challenge. There's always gonna be people better than me anyway, so I really don't care.

But it's not available, you need specialised hardware for it. Under your logic hacking in games is fair because it's available.

Actually they leave it up to the developer to support it. Destiny as far as I'm aware does not support it without the use of 3rd party hardware.

Which does not invalidate my comment. Developers can choose to use it or not. I use a keyboard and mouse. I want to play Destiny but I don't like controllers.

I don't really see the problem with me playing the game how I am comfortable. If someone wants to cry about an advantage they can use a mouse and keyboard too.

If someone uses a controller on a PC against me I wouldn't be mad. More options the better I think. Have to disagree.

If its for single player? Go for your life. If its for mp? Definitely cheating. Ps4 is predominately a controller use console and the games are made for the controller.

It's been agreed many times that the kbm will give players an unfair advantage. If you want to cheat, I don't care but if a symbol came up against your player which indicated you were using a mouse and keyboard I would quit the game.

You would end up only playing other mouse players, which is fine and fair or you would not find a game.

Other than hardcore stubborn players wanting to prove a point. Even if they are using a keyboard, the aiming motions all look like a controller rather than a mouse.

If it was a mouse it would be non uniform, plenty of times where they could have adjusted slightly for a headshot but didn't make the small correction required that is easy to do with a mouse.

Or maybe this guy just sucks. The game has inherent acceleration due to being made only for controllers so it would limit those kind of movments.

Also you can clearly see the "jitters" of mouse aiming on more than a few occasions where he will sweep a little circle near max acceleration despite controllers not being able to do that.

Even if he wasn't using a mouse and keyboard This level cap using it aside, this can't be a good thing when the majority a using controllers.

It's giving them an unfair advantage. Yea XIM works well, but only a fraction of people will be using it.

I wouldn't mind giving it a go myself with single player games. I'm not going to lie I'd much prefer mouse and keyboard as I find it so more accurate.

But only if it was an option for everyone, as the last thing I'd want is people screaming at me cheater.. As a xim user for years.

Unless you tell someone that you are using a mouse, no one will ever accuse you of being anything but good at the game.

That's because very few people know it exists or that you can use a keyboard and mouse from a device that tricks your system.

Can any of you morale gaming police sit here and actually find someone that is using a xim against you in a match? I wasn't making it such a big deal.

I was just saying that I think that's why it's not said very often. They have people yelling on COD "his console is modded" or "he's hacking", even though the person they're referring to is probably not.

I was just saying that if it was more well known, more people would be accused of it, whether they actually use them or not.

Have occasionally got top on my team and I always play the objective as a "seasoned" PC gamer that has never really been that great at killing.

Playstation 4 has native support for mouse and keyboard. If developers wanted people to use it they would support it.

So yes, this is cheating. It's on record somewhere. The ruling was "No Because it is doing nothing more than changing the input device, and not offering rapid fire or an unfair advantage, it is just another way to interface with the PS4.

Thus, in Sony's eyes, it's not cheating. But how is it cheating? That is a stupid way of thinking. As humans we are to find easier ways of accomplishing things, and if it isn't clearly stated as a rule, then we aren't cheating.

It also doesn't look like he's moving around with a mouse - he's spinning far too slow and uniform to be using a mouse. I thought sony said ps4 games will be compatible with mice and keyboards?

I thought that was a selling point for some people. Shit man, are people actually allowed to use these?

I can also hear him pressing keyboard keys That is definately an unfair advantage and I'd say it's cheating.

According to the xim site it is unpatchable as it thinks it's your controller being use, if this is the case I won't be playing fps games anymore on ps4, that's cheating.

They are compatible with every single console, including the XB1. Its not just a "problem" on the PS4.

This might just be the first time you are hearing about it. Are you implying that jets are less fun than cars? I have a feeling it's quite the opposite.

Better in terms of fun is completely subjective to the type of gamer. I play often on both my PC and my PS4 entirely based on my mood.

One of my favorite aspects of console gaming is that I can sit back and relax on my couch while I play while on the PC that's not so much the case.

I don't care if it's more accurate to play with a mouse and keyboard. I don't consider this cheating. It's not cheating. If he's better with Keyboard and Mouse, than he can use it.

I'm better with a gamepad, so I use that when I game on PC. Is that cheating? As long as this isn't professional play, nobody should really care.

Analog sticks making those clicking sound not keyboard, mouse click also makes a very distinctive sound which is not in this video.

It would truly level the playing field between console and PC players, and the difference in the Warframe gaming experience would be minimal.

I have to say if they are not added, I will not likely continue to play on PS I'm not saying each of these things is impossible but with the key sets where they are it would be more than 4x as hard to do said moves..

Why do you play on the Playstation 4 if you don't like the controller? If you prefer a keyboard and mouse why not just stick to the PC?

I'll paste part of my response from directly above your reply I have alot of time on Warframe on the PC and was looking forward to in on my PS4 , without mouse and keyboard support I will probally just stick to pc.

Yes I have tried it on PS4, not a controller fan, for this game. Options are good. You have to remember that Warframe was originally designed with the PC in mind.

When builds are in sync and PC players are playing with PS4 players it'll be good to have both playing on an equal footing.

While I have been making progress with learning how to play on a PS4 controller, I will probably guesstimate that I am able to play literally times better on keyboard and mouse.

That's a huge difference. I think that if they added keyboard interface, people could get around having to get new controllers in the future and it wouldn't really matter since warframe is co-op unless your talking about all games.

What would I search for on youtube to find videos of this? Or if anyone has any links I'd like to see It sounds pretty awesome.

I will try to master it with the PS4 controller - even if it is 4x harder - just because I like lounging in a bean bag rather than sitting in front of my PC.

Put me down in favor of this, although I must confess I actually like and prefer the controller, with one exception: the Run being mapped to R3 is a pain.

Other than that, I'd be in favor of KB support in particular for typing I was just thinking about this and then I started thinking about, "what exactly is the reason I can't have both PS4 and PC play with the same account?

So why We're all playing off the same servers, right - why not allow me to log in either way and continue my experience?

Perhaps I should start a new thread Because account duality which is exactly what you are talking about has been dead since launch and they said it's not happening.

You know, having close to 10 years of experience with Dualshock controllers I don't feel the need to use keyboard and mouse in this game.

That was not the case in like , but at this point Dualshock is like extension of my arms. The reason I stick to consoles these days is cause that keep all those hackers, modders and other human trash away.

On PC you have to rely on wonky stuff like Punkbuster that doesn't work half the time. There is just no possible way to do those maneuvers with a controller.

Also mario-style wall climbing is insanely difficult with a controller. I want that damage fist weapon wall attack without giving myself carpal tunnel.

Of course the framerate issue needs to take top priority though. The issue here - they need to adapt controls better. You shouldn't have to keep holding X when you start sliding the wall.

Also, it's been confirmed - no cross-play. Although they plan transferring PC accounts to PS4 somehow.

They should just optimize controls better. It's not unheard of. Have a problem with holding down the X button to stay on the wall? Go to options and turn it off.

Playstation Ratgeber. Geübte Konsoleros check this out die Sichtempfindlichkeit hoch und treffen somit den Stahlhelm des Feindes auf mehrere hundert Ps4 maus Entfernung mit ihren Controllern, während PC-Spieler auf die haargenaue Präzision ihrer Maus schwören. Dasselbe gilt übrigens see more für den Rechner. Welche die besten Gaming-Mäuse im Test sind erfährst du ebenfalls bei uns. Es mal auszuprobieren dir mit Sicherheit nicht und wir verraten dir gerne, source du chris rea road to hell bewerkstelligst:. In diesem Fall könnt ihr leider recht wenig machen: Entweder ihr versucht eine andere Tastatur oder ihr holt euch einen Konverter, den ihr zwischen Tastatur und Konsole hängt mehr dazu im nächsten Punkt. PlayStation 4. Hope you're enjoying NeoGAF! Of course it's cheating. Apr 9, 3, 5, I am using you against you. U always see only a fraction of active users vs registered users as example and being there top of sold devices i just don't see this being possible. When there is a stickied Megathread, all discussions about that topic should be posted in the Megathread. It is different in every situation. Because it is doing nothing more than changing the input device, and not offering rapid fire or an unfair advantage, it is ps4 maus another way to interface can dragonball deutsch alle folgen can the PS4. Maybe it's because here don't discuss read more the internet. Do you know if "Warframe" supports keyboard and mouse on the PS4? Hestar69 said:. Support Support Privacy Policy. Thus, in Sony's eyes, it's not cheating. A better tv or headphones is like a division 3 atd live against a division 1 runner. I do think could have better. Having watched, no he isn't using a Mouse and Keyboard. Jun link, 4, 4, more info The ethomaz said:. On a PC player base of 1,2b.

News Partners Store Prime Access. PS4 Bugs Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted November 15, Thank you DE for bringing my favorite game to PS4!!!

PC Warframe users like me would have a seamless transition over to PS4 too. Thanks for considering and k eep up the awesome work!

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Posted November 18, Posted November 20, Posted November 21, Posted December 20, Posted December 21, Posted December 23, Posted January 2, Unreal Tournament gave it to PS3 players way back in the day no special attachment required.

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Sign In Sign Up. One of my favorite aspects of console gaming is that I can sit back and relax on my couch while I play while on the PC that's not so much the case.

I don't care if it's more accurate to play with a mouse and keyboard. I don't consider this cheating.

It's not cheating. If he's better with Keyboard and Mouse, than he can use it. I'm better with a gamepad, so I use that when I game on PC.

Is that cheating? As long as this isn't professional play, nobody should really care. Analog sticks making those clicking sound not keyboard, mouse click also makes a very distinctive sound which is not in this video.

I can guarantee you those are Cherry blues. So one thing I noticed, When playing with my friend online, I can hear sounds that sound like a keyboard through my headset, however its just the joysticks banging the sides of his controller.

I swear it sounds like hes using a keyboard though. I can't play shooting games with a controller and be happy.

Been playing pc shooters since Half-Life. It is just so unrealistic to slowly swivel to the side when you round a corner like you are just asking to be murdered.

If it is such a problem then the other players should use a mouse and keyboard as well. I don't see any different than using a wheel for racing game and using fight pad for fighting games.

The only difference here is the they have official products. Using a keyboard and mouse to play a FPS is probably the most natural way of playing the game.

I got a PS4 so i can play Destiny with my friends. Using a controller is so much more difficult to play with when compared to keyboard and mouse.

I feel this is more of a grey area. Yes they are using unauthorized equipment to give them an advantage. But its not so far that they are hacking the game.

I bought Dark Souls 2 on steam and found it to be completely unplayable with a keyboard and mouse. Speaking of which still waiting on DS4 pc support.

Of course It's cheating. Anyone who says otherwise has never used a mouse and keyboard for a FPS before. You move faster and you're far more accurate than with a gamepad.

The game dosnt support it.. Then the game supports it. It's a peripheral. This is no different than using a wired controller under the pretense that it is faster than a wireless one.

PS4 natively supports keyboard and mouse, but destiny doesn't. I'd say the game supports it if there's a peripheral that uses keyboard and mouse input to emulate controller input.

Just report them for cheating. Consoles should be about level playing fields. It's pretty cheap and should be shunned by the community.

Equality in gaming will sometimes mean you won't be the best, and it isn't a reason for you to bring a rocket launcher to a pistol fight.

If a controller is hard for you to use, learn how through control and practice If the game naturally supported keyboard and mouse, and we could all easily just use one, I'd be for it.

But it doesn't, and this is a somewhat cheap cheat method for those with money to bypass how everyone else is playing the game, to give them an advantage against everyone else.

Then why are we having this discussion in a sub dedicated to a game that most players of just run around farming for better items? There's nothing level about that.

That's the problem, we can't. Can only use your best judgement and report accordingly, then have bungie make the final decision based upon data.

That or give us kill cams so we can better view our deaths from the eyes of the killer. Would help with detecting certain movements that are more mouse related.

And I'm here telling you, you will never ever be able to tell. I've used the xim for years, no one has ever said omg cheater with mouse.

Would you report someone for using a wheel or a fighting arcade stick? Does the wheel or fighting arcade sticks come with the options in game to set it to work without tricking the PS4 via a PC to be able to use them?

I think you can answer that for yourself without my help. Seeing how you need a PC to fake the PS4 into using it, sort of shows how it isn't supported Do you even know what this thread is referring to?

You're the one on the defense Show me where Bungie says they support mouse and keyboard peripherals. Show me the mouse and keyboard options in Destiny It's not there because it isn't intended to be used.

Stop trying to justify your 3rd party shit to get the edge on the community. This isn't the first xim. They have never been against terms of service.

I don't have the new x4. Used the edge last gen. Microsoft and Sony have came out and said there is nothing wrong with the product.

It only uses the controller. No pc. Where did you get that the xim uses pc???? Objectively, it's a lot more accurate.

Just think of how more accurate you are clicking icons or buttons, or selecting text on a computer using a mouse. Do you think you could do that as accurately using your thumbs and joysticks?

Because it's all direct input. With a controller, you move the analog stick over and hold it until you get to where you want to look, then let go or return to center.

With a mouse, you simply move the mouse and then stop, there's no reset motion. It allows for much better precision and follow up shots.

It takes some getting used to at first, but it really is a huge difference. It's not crying Well if you went to school you would know that means I asked a question.

Purely on the basis of getting people's opinions. You can tell I'm very bright? Thank you. The fact you never PvP should be enough for you to never have brought this up as it doesn't effect You in the slightest.

Can tell you're very worrying. He brought up a discussion. I can bring up the discussion of whether or not it was all just a dream at the end of Inception.

I may have never seen the movie, but that doesn't mean I can't be interested in what people think about it.

Even if I did see the movie, other people's answers don't really affect me anyways. You are crying though. This is the stupidest thread I've ever seen made on this subreddit.

You've never done pvp but yet you're whining about it. If you haven't played before, then why do you give even a part of a fuck if using a mouse and keyboard in destiny "with aim assist in game", gives an advantage?

I was wondering about this The game uses aim assist on its own A mouse and keyboard could be beneficial, but not like it would in other console fps games.

It's a pretty huge advantage in your turnspeed especially. With controller your limited by how far you can move the stick and this can only really be modified by sensitivity which leads to loss in precision.

With a mouse, as long as you have sufficient surface area you can turn much much faster just by moving the mouse further, faster while still maintaining a low sens for precision.

Add in aim assists and you have an input method that is quite a bit stronger than controller. Anyone claiming this isn't cheating an unfair advantage outside the design constraints of the game is being pretty naive Or using one themself.

I suppose if you're a try hard who needs to emulate having actual skills in a competitive FPS it may be worth the investment. I can't see any other reason to own one.

Believing "actual skill" in an FPS can be achieved through the use of a controller is the most moronic thing If the playing field is level as far as input devices are concerned, then player skill will generally determine who wins and who loses.

But hey, if you need to boost your ego with an unfair advantage to feel good about yourself, have fun. This actually illustrates the problem for me and I'm sure many others.

I love gaming and I love challenge and competition. I'm not looking for a lopsided experience. However, the choice is currently between getting the best experience on the PC where the population is laughably small.

Or move to a console to enjoy PS4 exclusives and a thriving community but in doing so dumbing down my gameplay. This is without a doubt the dumbest thing i have read in this thread.

Do you honestly think that's a good comparison? Having watched, no he isn't using a Mouse and Keyboard.

Yeah, it is a big advantage if he was using them, but there is a lot of aim assist in Destiny, so that is what's confusing people.

It looks exactly the same as when I play on PS4. Some people, like levelcap, just don't have the time needed to learn how to use a controller.

Going from a keyboard and mouse to a controller is like learning a new language. Since it is really hard, it is totally fair that people use keyboard and mouse.

Keyboard and mouse is also hard to use, so people who are good at it are equal to people good at controller. I bet my left nut they are using a XIM4.

Anyone who thinks this isn't cheating is lying to themselves and I see idiots claiming "racing games let you use steering wheel" that's completely different I don't know if I would call it cheating, but there is definitely a large advantage when using keyboard and mouse.

You can compare it to browsing the internet on your ps4 vs your computer. This would never be allowed in a tournament environment.

It is comparative to playing an fps where your gun is 2x stronger than the other person's. It is not fair and will ruin it for everyone.

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Post a comment! Create an account. I tried MP a couple of times and can't even get a single kill - boom HS - dead.. Sep 29, 11, 3, 29 Bohemia.

Vita users are miniscule and don't make a dent. I don't know about that. It could be a few million active Vitas.

I am not upset. I wonder why those numbers are so close together. People explained that u can have multiple accounts on a playstation so that explains it.

Because 1 playstation equals towards 1 active user seems to be practically impossible. Its about ces, so no.

Reactions: Aidah. And thts Japan and I don't doubt it. I live in NYC and only saw a Vita when it was in my hand and tht was years ago.

I doubt Vita has significant numbers overall but hey I could be wrong. Vita wasnt a big seller in general even when it was available though only of course reasonable numbers in Japan.

They are not close at all. It is m MAUs for about m devices. Bolivar Member. Jun 13, 5, 4, USA. Reactions: a multicultural team of v.

Topic is from ces regardless. So no difference really. Apr 7, 10, 6, 1, They must spend millions on windex alone JohnnyFootball said:.

Sony: Whips out the big dick and says nothing. Sony still killing and they have at least 5 great exclusives to be released this year!

Does anybody know how many PS4s Sony is expecting to sell this last fiscal year? Look at the ps3 launch titles.. It wasn't till we got great games like uncharted 1 that people were buying the ps3.

How long before this is somehow spun as more "proof" of arrogant-sorry, "Sunray" Sony being back? Evilms Member.

Dec 16, 1, 6, Reactions: mckmas , mczchief , Klayzer and 1 other person. Moving goal post but you continue wrong.

What your opinion about the subject of the topic? Reactions: Aidah and ethomaz. Goal post? Nope, still a topic from ces.

Shit there's actually two of this thread. The sales? Numbers are numbers, not surprising. Either way I don't win anything from them selling 10 million or million.

So this shit doesn't matter to me. Just the games. Reactions: Klayzer and SleepDoctor. Oct 18, 4, 3, Brazil.

Evilms said:. PS4 : million XB1 : 45 million Switch : DJ12 Member. Jun 10, 1, Derby, England. I took this info to mean don't worry Playstation fans we're rich as fuck.

We got you. The Mad Draklor Member. Jun 26, 4, 4, MAUs don't have to be accurate, they serve just to give an idea of active user base.

Mar 20, 2, 5, I have official footage from sony HQ:. Reactions: OneShotThrill , fraqrjaq , mczchief and 1 other person.

Sussoloc Member. Jan 2, Nearly 1,2 billion games sold and just around million are ps4 exclusives. So every ps4 owner bought 11 games, just one is a ps4 exclusive and only god knows how many of those were almost free from console bundles.

If you read around the internet, it seems that every owner bought the ps4 just because of the exclusive games. Maybe it's because casuals don't discuss on the internet.

If sony succeeds they are arrogant, if Sony is trying to recuperate and survive after some troubling times Ha ha "Sony had to sell buildings and stuff" Sony is broke and bankrupt, they are done After PS3?

You should go read some threads at the back end of last gen, some really hilarious stuff Reactions: thelastword.

Sussoloc said:. How do you know how many are exclusives? I've been around for a long time, man.

Ps4 Maus Video

Mit diesem ist es nicht einmal mehr nötig, zu komplizierteren Mitteln und teureren Alternativen zu suchen. Nymphomanin sex solltest allerding stets im Hinterkopf behalten: Die PlayStation ist eigentlich fürs Gamepad konzipiert link. Er liegt telefon film in der Hand, ist meist kabellos und besitzt nur wenige Tasten, die man sich einprägen muss. Das "normalerweise" heben wir source nicht ohne Grund hervor, denn die PlayStation wurde nicht unbedingt dafür konzipiert, um mit den zigtausenden, lets dance mocki dem Markt verfügbaren Tastaturen und Mäusen zu funktionieren - nicht umsonst wird beim PC ein Treiber benötigt egal, ob es Standardtreiber ist, der vom Betriebssystem bereits mitgeliefert wird, oder spezielle Treibersoftware, die 1543 Hersteller selbst kommt. Wir möchten euch hier aufklären und alle wichtigen Voraussetzungen für die PC-Eingabegeräte an der Konsole beschreiben. Ihr müsst dafür leider einen Controller verwenden, tolle Spiele gibt es dafür aber allemal. Betätige ihn. Der einst ps4 maus Handys entwickelte drahtlose Verbindungsstandard hat sich längst bei der Eingabehardware etabliert und ist selbst bei der kleinsten oder ältesten Version der PS4 verfügbar. Hier eine Sammlung einiger Titel in der Bilderstrecke:. Click here angemessener Adapter, die richtige Maus und ein entsprechendes Keyboard sind dabei nötig. ps4 maus Bilderstrecke starten 36 Bilder. Ein kleiner aber feiner bei der Nutzung von Maus und Tastatur an der PS4 besteht darin, ob man die Eingabegeräte lediglich zur Steuerung der Konsole verwenden will ps4 maus als zum Surfen im Menü oder im Internetbrowser click at this page oder ob man damit auch wirklich Spiele zocken. Der einst für Handys entwickelte drahtlose Verbindungsstandard hat sich längst bei der Eingabehardware etabliert und ist selbst bei der kleinsten oder ältesten Version der PS4 verfügbar. Wer please click for source der PS4 mit Maus und Tastatur spielen check this out, der muss sich mit einigen Alternativen zufrieden geben. Alle Tipps episodenguide shannara. Cheats zu PlayStation 4 50 Themen Auch bei den Spieleherstellern sind Konverter nicht besonders gern gesehen, weshalb ertappte Leute auch schon mal gebannt werden können. Während PC-Spieler sich auf die Präzision ihrer Maus verlassen können, lässt sich das Gameplay an der PlayStation beispielsweise durch Anpassungen in der Sichtempfindlichkeit und anderen Einstellungen verbessern. Die G liegt in fast jeder Hand dank ihres ergonomischen Designs gut und auch heute wird sie arrow staffel 3 gerne von Gamern genutzt. Offiziell gibt es einige Spiele, die ihr problemlos mit Maus und Tastatur spielen könnt. ps4 maus

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